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Q:  I'm a past Cuchara Association member. Do I have to rejoin?  
A:  Chances are no, you don't!  If you have been a member at any time during the past few years, you may be already set up in the system. If you received an email with a User name and temporary password simply go the Member Login above right. If you have not received an email we may have an incorrect or old email address on file for you.  Please contact our Membership director using the "Contact Us" feature to see if you are already set up. 
Q:  Why should I join the Cuchara Association?
A:  This a great way to support the Cuchara Community.  The Association provides and cares for the Recreation Center, the tennis courts, and the Parkway common area, provides the Summer Recreation program including weekly Bingo, and makes available a Cabin Security program to members.
Q:  Can I pay by Credit Card?
A:  Yes, the Association's new web site provides for credit card processing.
Q:  Can I join on-line and still pay by mailing in a check?
A:  Yes.  Just follow the payment instructions after completing the on-line registration process.
Q:  Do I need to be an Association Member to get the Cabin Security service?
A:  Yes.  The security service is available to Members only.
Q:  I just want to mail in a form and a check and not mess with all this interweb mumbo jumbo!  Can I do that??
A:  Yes you can!  We prefer you join the Cuchara Association on-line using this web site, BUT you don't have to.  Just print out the membership form, attach a check, and follow the snail mail instructions!
Q:  Can I make a donation to the Cuchara Association if I'm not a member?
A:  Yes you can.  Just click on the Donation tab above.

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